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Designer Collection Bracelets Right Side only


Our designer collection of bracelets has beautiful designs in Hematite with Sterling Silver.  These are the Best of the Best!!! These are made on wire and come with a clasp.  These are a showstopper!!!!


The Hematite crystal meaning is linked to its connection to the root chakra, the center of security and survival. By creating a strong sense of energetic stability, this crystal works to align, clear and balance your root chakra so you feel centered and secure. Not only do the Hematite crystal healing properties lend a sense of grounded-ness and stability, but they can also help you to feel energetically protected by guiding you to release any energies that may be destabilizing you.  

One of the most powerful ways to connect with and access the Hematite crystal stone meaning is to meditate with the stone. To enhance its energetic impact, hold one Hematite in each hand to balance both sides of the body and ground your entire being. By connecting you to your foundation, the Hematite crystal meaning can guide you to stand your ground in the face of stressful or intense situations. Meditating with this stone can also help you achieve a higher state of being by connecting you with your inner strength and power. 

Product details

  •  Item Type: Bracelet
  •  Material: Hematite and Sterling Silver
  •  Band Type: Wire and Sterling Silver Clasp


  •  Bead size: 0.39 in (10 mm)
  •  Bracelet length: Medium 8 inches; Large 8.5 inches

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