BlueSmokeATL, LLC ( BlueSmoke Accessories DBA) was founded by creative artisan, fashionista and entrepreneur, Robin Blue. Robin has lived all over the world, and she wanted to bring her love of fashion and diversity to a unique, handmade jewelry designs. We have won best accessory 2 times in 2021.

Embracing her ever-evolving creative side, love for unique things in life, and attention to detail, Robin launched BlueSmokeATL in 2019. We have renamed to BlueSmoke Accessories to reflect our expanded product portfolio. Robin's love for the creative has shaped her journey to expand from smoke jewelry to jewelry. 

Our handcrafted jewelry is made with artisan handcrafted choices in mind. We take our decisions seriously and with intention. We use handblown beads and precious metals in our designs to create our luxury products. 


Our smoke jewelry double as nubbers, allowing you to enjoy cigars to the very end without burning or staining your fingers. Simply stick your classically designed cigar poker into the towards the end of the cigar to use it as a cigar nubber.  Use your cigar poker to improve the draw of cigars that have been rolled too tightly. Gently slide the poker into the top of the cigar to loosen the tobacco, improving overall draw and pleasure.