OES Cigar poker with OES Charm-Eastern Star


If you are looking for a OES cigar poker with that wow factor this one is for you.  This cigar poker delivers all of the colors of OES ( Blue, Yellow, Green, Red) with just the right about amount of bling. 


Benefits and Features:

  • Colors: ( Blue, Yellow, White, Green, Red)
  • Each piece in the set is a handmade cigar poker standing at 4.3” long
  • Durable stainless steel makes for superior long-lasting performance and easy cleaning between smokes
  • Designed to be used on any cigar for a comfortable hold that keeps your fingertips out of the heat
  • Pointed design assists the smoothness of your draw by introducing additional airflow into every pull
  • The set comes with a velvet box, bag for storage and a protective end cap.

CAUTION: Cigar Pokers have a sharp, pointed edge and must be kept out of the reach of children.
TIP: To prolong the life of your BlueSmokeATL Cigar poker, you should occasionally wipe down the steel rod with water and a clean cloth.

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