AKA- Gorgeous and Green Cigar Poker

SKU: A3gorgeousandgreen


Call us romantics, but we firmly believe there is a Gorgeous and Green Cigar Poker in every AKA's future. This pink and green beauty takes the best of both colors and combines them into one beautiful contrast. AKA's love rhinestones, so we added them to this poker to give it that extra BLING BLING. 

Don't you need this in your life?

Benefits and Features: 

● Our handmade Cigar Poker is made of durable stainless steel long-lasting for superior performance and easy cleaning between smokes.
● Designed to be used on any cigar for a comfortable hold that keeps your fingertips out of the heat.
● The pointed end assists the smoothness of your draw by introducing additional airflow into every pull.
● This 4.3” long handmade cigar poker comes with a velvet bag for storage and a protective end cap.

CAUTION: Cigar Pokers have a sharp, pointed edge and must be kept out of the reach of children.
TIP: To prolong the life of your BlueSmokeATL Cigar poker, you should occasionally wipe down the steel rod with water and a clean cloth.

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