Noble- Nasty Noble Cigar Poker

SKU: N1Noble


The Nasty Noble poker showcases its beautiful gold-tone beads and would make even a Nastiest Noble proud. A Noble can use this poker for a nubber or to loosen a hard draw.  The vibrant red and black beads make this poker a standout.  The charm has the "Noble" symbol proudly displayed.

Benefits and Features: 

● Our handmade Cigar Poker is made of durable stainless steel long-lasting for superior performance and easy cleaning between smokes.
● Designed to be used on any cigar for a comfortable hold that keeps your fingertips out of the heat.
● The pointed end assists the smoothness of your draw by introducing additional airflow into every pull.
● This 4.3” long handmade cigar poker comes with a velvet bag for storage and a protective end cap.

CAUTION: Cigar Pokers have a sharp, pointed edge and must be kept out of the reach of children.
TIP: To prolong the life of your BlueSmokeATL Cigar poker, you should occasionally wipe down the steel rod with water and a clean cloth.

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